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That's' it, within seconds a full report will be delivered for you. We decide to develop this keyword density checker tool, because we know that some junior marketers in this field are still doing the keyword stuffing like jobs everyday, which is completely wrong. The problem is they are not aware of it. By using our tool, you don't' need to actually publish your content online, to make it alive so that you can check it and then modify it. Instead, you can check it before the publishing, so that you can correct it accordingly. Why to Use Our Keyword Density Tool? We found that the existing checkers in the market are generally working in the same way: count the repeating times for each word in one article and divide the total word number. This may be an easy way for such goal, but it's' definitely not the perfect way. We decide to do more. Our keyword density checker will calculate the frequency and percentage for one-word to four-word term for your analyzing.
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Our team of over 200 experts will help you optimize your Google keyword density to help your pages rank better in the search results. Ready to optimize your pages? Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our SEO plans that help you optimize your keyword density. Join our mission to provide industry-leading digital marketing services to businesses around the globe all while building your personal knowledge and growing as an individual. View 30 job openings! Work With Us. Digital Marketing Services. Web Design Services. Web Design Resources. Content Marketing Resources. Get posts by email. Be the first to know when we publish a new blog post! Each Day Once a Week. Join 150000, marketing managers and subscribe to Revenue Weekly! Share this article.
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A good keyword density is 2% 3%. This helps search engines understand what your page is about without looking spammy. Keep in mind that while density is one factor, you still need to add the keywords in strategic places and a natural way.
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You will get the list of all stop words the content has. Click on any word to highlight it and identify sentences where it's' better to delete or replace stop words. Keyword stuffing checker. With keyword density analyzer you can detect the density of words, bigrams and trigrams. With quick navigation it's' easy to switch between types of words. Online text editor. Online editor helps to rewrite phrases and sentences that include spam words. Our algorithm each 2 seconds recalculates keyword density percentage. What is keyword density? Basically, it is a number of words or phrases that are met in the whole volume of a given text. In terms of SEO, this parameter is used to check whether the material of a web-page is relevant to desired keywords and key phrases. This is one of the most important indexes for content check along plagiarism, readability and grammar. What is keyword stuffing? The development of the Internet and search engines made webmasters compete with each other to determine whose website is ranked better.
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Besides analyzing on-page seo-factors, RSSeo! allows you to check as well the keyword density on each Joomla! The keyword density shows the percentage of times a keyword appears on a page compared to the total number of the words on that page. With the keyword density tool you can maintain the right keyword balance on each Joomla! page: between 2 and 8%. A higher density rate over 8% might show an excessive use of the targeted keywords, while a lower density rate might indicate that your page needs further optimization for the targeted keyword. focus on writing content for your readers, not for search engines; a good written page, with a lower keyword density might be more relevant than a page stuffed with keywords. avoid using the targeted keywords excessively, you might risk search engines penalties. use synonyms to avoid stuffing the page with keywords; a good start is by using the Google Wonder Wheel tool shows related search terms to the current searched query and the Google Keyword Suggestion tool. 9 persons found this article helpful.
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You can use the free keyword density checker tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas to check the keyword density of your own pages or your competitors articles. Just paste in the link of the page which you want to analyze, and youll get a report similar to this one.: If youre using WordPress, a plugin such as Yoast SEO can help you keep an eye on keyword density while youre writing your article. Most SEO experts agree that focusing on keyword density is an outdated practice that should be avoided. This doesnt mean that you shouldnt incorporate relevant keywords into your content. However, your focus should be on creating comprehensive, in-depth content that solves your audiences problems. When writing an article, write as you usually would without worrying about keyword density. Try to naturally incorporate a few related phrases into your content to make your article more topically relevant. Once you complete the article, check your keyword density to ensure that its no higher than 3% to avoid being penalized by Google.
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It can be used in the search engine optimization process to determine the relevance of a web page for a keyword or key phrase. It is important in terms of the position of a website in search results. The optimal value of keyword density should be between 1-3%. Its even better if the URL, title, meta-description and the html head tags contain that targeted keyword. For better rankings in search engines, GeoRanker offers you a free checker that you need for discovering the optimal value of your keyword density. Keyword Density Latest Reports. Keywords on body.: Quadruple or more keyword.: Stop Word Mode.: Min Density to be used.: How does keyword density affect SEO? Back in the day you were able to rank in Google by increasing repetition of certain keywords within a text. Basically, the more times you mention a word within an article, the higher the chance you will rank in top 10 for it. In time, site owners recognized keyword stuffing as the best online marketing practice. While it granted enormous free exposure to your content, it also had an adverse effect on web users.
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The more of those related words that exist the more confidence they have that the content really is about the keyword phrase you are trying to rank for and is a quality piece. So if this article was about SEO words that you would expect to find in regular use might include Search Engine, Google, ranking, etc. Testing keyword density in modern SEO. Beyond the basic tests mentioned above to ensure content is not keyword stuffing or keyword lacking there is nothing more that a keyword density check can tell you.
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As mentioned in our article on 5 SEO Myths it was myth 5, good content that is well-written and relevant will repeat the phrase several times. It is necessary for helping search engines to better understand your content. It is also necessary for explaining to people what you are talking about. A person conducting a search is going to have certain questions they want answered. If you are optimizing content for those words, youd better have some relevant and useful content for this searcher. Otherwise, you are wasting their time, they will leave your page right after visiting, and that will be detrimental to your site ranking. Note that density in the text is not enough. There are many other places to put your keywords. More on this later! How to Calculate It? If you like math, theres an easy formula that most people use to calculate word density. For one page or post, well use this synonymously, divide the number of times the keyword or phrase occurs by the number of total words. Times 100, its a percentage. Please Note: There is no ideal percentage, however, just enough is better than too much.

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