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Keyword density refers to a percentage that is based on the number of times a word or phrase is used, in relation to the total volume of words on a given page. And another factor is important, you should always use the keyword density tool and do not forget that too underestimating or over-optimizing your text will also be bad. You need to leave one main keyword between 2 and 3%, and secondary keywords from 1 to 2%, even though Google does not have any established standards for the density of keywords. FREE ONLINE SEO TOOLS. Free Backlink Checker. Keyword Density Checker. Social Stats Checker. XML Sitemap Generator. Keywords Suggestion Tool. Alexa Rank Checker. Broken Link Checker. Domain Age Checker. Domain to IP. Browse More Tools. AVG Antivirus Checker. Domain Hosting Checker. Class C Ip Checker. Code to Text Ratio Checker. Check GZIP compression.
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AppTweaks Keyword Density Checker Counter is one of these free tools. For example, you can see the number of words used in Instagrams app description and their densities above. You can easily calculate your keyword density by pasting your own app description. In this article, we talked about what keyword density is in ASO, the ideal density ratio and how you can calculate it. Dont forget to visit our website for more blog posts and leave a comment below! ASO 101: The Ultimate ASO Guide for Beginners. 4 Main Differences Between App Store Optimization and SEO. 3 Simple Ways To Find Great ASO Keywords. 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing An App Name. WhatsApp added a Search the Web Feature to Let Users Double Check Forwarded Messages.
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In simpler SEO terms, this means it is now beneficial to create content that covers a topic as thoroughly as possible. But often this can also call for the risk of excess irrelevant content that can dilute your topic focus, and thats why we recommend you to use BiQs Content Intelligence. It is the only tool around that is powered by AI to analyze your contents WordVector and compare them to the Top 10 ranking results to tell if your content is highly relevant. And its easy to use, just paste your content URL and type in your target keyword, and the tool will analyze your whole content and let you know which paragraphs you need to make the edits. At the same time, you can also be aware of your tone of conversation and ease of readability which is important in crafting the best content. The best part is, BiQ offers free tier access for new signups, so you can try it out and explore! Keyword density has been retired as a ranking factor but its still a good indicator to make sure youre not keyword stuffing your content to death.
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In the initial days of SEO, keyword density was measured religiously. The more times you could mention a keyword in the same blog or article, the more likely you were to rank at the top of the search results. Unfortunately, this meant that the internet was full of thin, boring and unhelpful content. Companies placed more focus on repeating the right term than they did on creating something their customers wanted to read. Since Google is all about delivering great experiences online, they decided to reduce their focus on keyword density percentage and track other factors instead. The Panda update rolled out, and brands started to question whether good keyword density mattered anymore. Google began to focus more on user experience and context, which meant that repeating a word wasnt enough to place you at the top of the ladder anymore.
Does keyword density matter in 2019?
Keyword density is exactly what it sounds like the percentage of text that contains your keyword. So if you have a blog post thats 1000, words and your keyword appears 10 times, you have a 1% keyword density. More specifically, the formula for keyword density is.:
Keyword Density Checker: SEO Tool to Detect Fix Keyword Stuffing.
After youve done all the work, its only the time to enjoy great results. Watch your page getting to the top positions. You will get the list of all stop words the content has. Click on any word to highlight it and identify sentences where it's' better to delete or replace stop words. Keyword stuffing checker. With keyword density analyzer you can detect the density of words, bigrams and trigrams. With quick navigation it's' easy to switch between types of words. Online text editor. Online editor helps to rewrite phrases and sentences that include spam words. Our algorithm each 2 seconds recalculates keyword density percentage. What is keyword density? Basically, it is a number of words or phrases that are met in the whole volume of a given text. In terms of SEO, this parameter is used to check whether the material of a web-page is relevant to desired keywords and key phrases. This is one of the most important indexes for content check along plagiarism, readability and grammar. What is keyword stuffing? The development of the Internet and search engines made webmasters compete with each other to determine whose website is ranked better.
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Please use my custom stopwords. By default this tool removes hashtags and words with numbers in them like r2d2 or wd-40. If you want these words to be analyzed as part of your content, please include them below. What is Keyword Density. Keyword density is the percentage calculated based on the number of times a keyword occurs inside the content of webpage divided by the total word count. Keyword density / keyword frequency is still a pretty strong indicator to determine the main focus keywords and keyword phrases for a specific webpage. The simplest method of calculating keyword density is usually to divide the number of times a particular keyword is mentioned in a text by the total number of words in the text, and then multiply the result by one hundred to get your percentage. How to use Keyword Density Analyser. Using our free online keyword density calculator is as simple as just clicking two buttons in two simple steps.:
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For instance, if you have written a 1000 word article, the average amount of times you can include keywords in your content shall be nearly 5-7. If their number increases then the crawler might consider your site for adopting keyword stuffing. And if the keywords are included just 3-4 times in a 1000 word article, then you will rank lower than other sites that have optimised for the same keyword. So, using a keyword density checker would only improve your content strategy, and you will end up ranking higher than you were previously. Try other free tools.

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