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Keyword Density Is the Worst Metric for SEO.
Total Word Count The number of words on the page. And multiplying the number by 100 to convert it into a percentage. Here is an example.: 10 keyword appearances / 1000, words x 100 01 x 100 1%. If you increase the number of words on the page, your keyword density tends to go down. If you repeat your target keyword or phrase more, keyword density tends to go up. It is not difficult to manipulate, and it is not difficult to ascertain, but neither will do much to improve your SEO. Keyword Density Checkers and Tools. Again, dont use them. They arent helping you. There are many tools, and they are user-friendly and well-designed and easy to use, but they are a distraction from what matters. Possibly the most popular example is Yoast, which is by far the most common SEO plugin used on WordPress sites. Yoast has its merits and its applications, but I cannot emphasize enough how measuring keyword density is not one of them.
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Not sure what variants make the most sense for your website? Use the searches" related to" section at the bottom of Google's' SERP for your primary keyword. Here's' why: Google has put significant time and effort into understanding intent, so the searches" related to" section will show you similar terms to your primary keyword. Keyword Density Tools. While you can do the math on keyword density yourself by calculating the total word and keyword counts across every page on your website, this can quickly become time and resource-intensive as your website expands and page volumes increase. Keyword density tools help streamline this process. Potential options include.: SEO Review Tools Keyword Density Checker. This free tool is browser-based simply input your site URL or page text, then complete the I'm' not a robot" captcha to perform a keyword density check.
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Dev / Design. Keyword Density Checker Free Tool. Enter a URL. About Keyword Density Checker. Keyword Density Checker. Keyword Density Checker is an online tool that helps website owners and content creators to analyze the keyword density on a given web page. It accepts both texts and a pages link and analyses keyword density in the same way as a search engine. What Is Keyword Density? The percentage of times a particular keyword appears on the webpage content about the total word count on that page is defined as keyword density.
Keyword Density: What Is Keyword Density?
What Is Keyword Density? Keyword density refers to the number of times a keyword appears on a given webpage or within a piece of content as a ratio or percentage of the overall word count. This is also sometimes referred to as keyword frequency, or the frequency with which a specific keyword appears on a webpage. Keyword density formula. Keyword density can also be calculated as a specific figure, should you need to. To determine the keyword density of a webpage, simply divide the number of times a given keyword is mentioned by the total number of words on the page the resulting figure is the keyword density of that page. What Is TF-IDF? A more advanced way of measuring keyword density, TF-IDF stands for term" frequency and inverse document frequency" This statistic is often used in information retrieval or text mining as a way of determining how important a given term is to a document. Variations of TF-IDF may be used by search engines in some circumstances to quantify the relevance of a page's' content to a user's' search query, but as always, many other SEO factors come into play.
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Keyword Density: Brief Explanation. Keyword density is a concept within the field of search engine optimisation SEO, which calculates how often a keyword or phrase appears on a web page or within a piece of content. In the majority of cases, keyword density is expressed as a percentage, detailing the average recurrence rate of a keyword per 100 words.
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This is more important than keyword density for any page that you develop. Keyword density tools. There are a few different SEO tools you can use to measure the best keyword density. We like the following.: The WordPress SEO plug-in Yoast is far more than just a keyword density checker. But it is a great way to get an instant, no-nonsense read on your focus keyword density as you build out your content or page.
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Project management software. Project management tools. Shopping cart software. Website builder software. WYSIWYG HTML editor. Free web hosting. Marketing Tips Web. My SEO Book. Keyword Density Tool. Keyword Density Tool instantly calculates the keyword density in text, as you type. How to use.: Paste/type text into the box below. The top 5 keywords, with the keyword density and number of words will instantly appear below the Calculate" keyword density" button JavaScript must be enabled in your web browser. Enter a stop word or a keyword phrase you'd' like the keyword density for optional. If nothing happens, your web browser probably has JavaScript disabled. Click the Calculate" keyword density" button to activate the tool. Keyword phrase: Calculate keyword density. Top 5 keywords. The Keyword Density Tool calculates the keyword density of all single words in the text. When you enter text into the keyword phrase box, you must press tab or move the cursor out of the keyword phrase box to update the stats. The percentage number next to each keyword is the keyword density as a percentage of all text.
Keyword Density An SEO / Google Ranking Factor?
Using your keyword in the body of the text multiple times to increase your keyword density is important to indicate to Google the subject matter of your article. However, you must not overdo it; otherwise, Google may think you are spamming it to manipulate the search results. Too many keywords and your web page will suffer a penalty. The big question is; What is normal? Well, instead of having a fixed percentage, Google will now calculate the density of a keyword or keyword phrase for a particular query by referencing other web pages on that topic that rank highly.
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There is no single universal or optimal keyword density percentage. Every search query is unique search engines compare documents with other documents to identify some of their exclusive thresholds. offers a professional online Keyword Density Checker that is necessary in search engine optimization, because keywords are one of the most critical elements in search.

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