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The Keyword Checker is completely free and does not require a registration. Test up to 1.000 webpages with our free plan! Sign up for free! Easy troubleshooting for your entire website. Meta and on page check for each page. Automated check for keyword optimization.
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Easy to use seo keyword density tool that shows the most frequently used words on the current page. Easy to use search engine optimization SEO tool that helps you check the keyword density and word count of any web page. Features: List of all words used on a page Note: stop" words" are removed form analysis Count of how many times each word appears on the page Percentage breakdown of how many times that word appears relative to the total number of words used on the page. In most cases it's' best for SEO to keep each keyword used to under 3% of the total word count. Google and other search engines have started penalizing excessive and unnatural use of keywords to avoid keyword stuffing and other practices that encourage poor content. This free tool is brought to you by: MeasureSEO.com.
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I don't' think that keyword density matter anymore, you'd' better try to do competitor analysis and see how many times top competition is using same keyword in the body text of article. indiarajasthan 5 Junior Poster in Training. 9 Years Ago. You should use keyworddensity.com to check the density of any keyword. Be a part of the DaniWeb community. We're' a friendly, industry-focused community of 1.21 million developers, IT pros, digital marketers, and technology enthusiasts learning and sharing knowledge. Sign Up It's' Free! Best Keyword Density Checker Tool 11. Bulk Pagerank Checker Tool Multiple Google PR Checker For Free 4. Difference between Title and META tags 27. What is keyword density? How do you measure keyword density? Increase website PR?
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The keyword density checker is a tool that first of all allows you to see how often a specific word occurs in a text. This tool can be used to count the number of words in a text, including a list of words that should not be counted. Suppose a text is translated into another language and the translation agency only calculates the costs for the translated words and not for words such as your company name. This tool is then ideal to calculate the net number of words. This tool can also be used for SEO to determine the keyword density of a text. This is the ratio of a keyword compared to the total number of words in a text. A too high keyword density can be seen as spam which is not naturally. A too low keyword density may mean that the text does not sufficiently match the topic of the page. There is a lot of discussion about keyword density: it can in fact be measured compared to the total text on a page, but can also be calculated regarding to the content only.
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Use the Dump Function to list an array of all keywords matching the criteria of the Keyword Density function. The picture above illustrates this method using the following formula.: Determines the minimum number of consecutive words a keyword should consist of. Determines the minimum number of characters a keyword should consist of. Determines the minimum number of times a keyword should appear on a website. Get help with this function in the community.
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Readability is key to maintaining a high conversion rate. Now, you can keep track of your website readability automatically with our readability alerts. Tell us the URLs you want to monitor, and the maximum readability grade level you are happy with for the page, and well check it daily for you and let you know if the readability goes too high. Recommended for conversions and copywriting. Readable is free for occasional users, but if you need a bit more, ReadablePro is for you. ReadablePro is great value and gives you access to our entire range of readability and keyword tools. Including URL processing, file processing, bulk testing and our awesome keyword density alerts.
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Not sure what variants make the most sense for your website? Use the searches" related to" section at the bottom of Google's' SERP for your primary keyword. Here's' why: Google has put significant time and effort into understanding intent, so the searches" related to" section will show you similar terms to your primary keyword. Keyword Density Tools. While you can do the math on keyword density yourself by calculating the total word and keyword counts across every page on your website, this can quickly become time and resource-intensive as your website expands and page volumes increase. Keyword density tools help streamline this process. Potential options include.: SEO Review Tools Keyword Density Checker. This free tool is browser-based simply input your site URL or page text, then complete the I'm' not a robot" captcha to perform a keyword density check.
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Such pages help a lot in ranking your website, so make sure you are not doing any sort of keyword stuffing. If you have hired a content writer for your website, dont forget to read or use any online keyword density checker tool to know about how many times has he used keywords. The Google Penguin update was all about keyword stuffing, and many websites were brought down or penalized because of keyword stuffing. You can also use article rewriter tool for unique content.
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The free keyword density checker is especially useful for those looking to into the possibility of an SEO campaign with their website as it can take any existing web page entered into its search field, analyse all of its content, highlight its keywords and determine what percentage of them are in the attached copy.

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