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Keywords Density Checker.
Keywords Density Checker. Using this keyword density tool doesn't' help fix your mistakes, but it does identify your mistakes so you can make the appropriate corrections. In a matter of seconds, your results will display and you can see both the count and density starting with the most frequently used words and phrases. Keyword density is a calculated percentage based on the number of times a word or phrase is used, compared to the overall word count for that page. Keep in mind that SEO elements including keyword density should always take a backseat to quality on your web page or article.
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This is how the calculation of the density of a keyword in a web page is determined. It is necessary to take account of the expression or the word, divide it by the number of words in the content of the page of the website, then multiply it by the number 100 to have its value. The higher the percentage, the more times the words appear in the text, the more qualitatively Google should reference the site. Over time, search engines such as Google have refined their algorithms and now use several factors to determine positions. This is why, rather than calculating the keyword density, our tool analyzes the number of occurrence and proximity rather than the percentage because the density of a keyword is no longer used as an SEO factor, Matt said Cutts the Google spokesman, several years ago. Analyze Keywords on a Web Page. Our free and easy-to-use tool allows you to optimize the texts of your web content for a natural Google SEO by measuring the number of semantic occurrences of your competitors site pages, which will give you an index of the expressions to be used in your sentences.
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Business Web Hosting. Hosting, Design, SEO and Marketing News. Keywords Density Check SEO Tools. check web page keywords density. Keywords Density Check. Enter a URL. About Keyword Density. Free Keyword Density Checker Tool. Keyword density tool shows the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a given web page compared to the total number of words on this page. SEO Toolbox Links. SEO Tools Home. SEO Professional Services. SEO News and Tutorials. Most Popular Tools. Alexa Rank Checker. Meta Tags Checker. Page Speed Test. Broken Links Finder. SEO Toolbox with Basic Site Tests. To get better presence in search results page SERP website needs to clean out all technical issues, find right keywords that bring traffic and that are possible to compete, optimize each page meta tags, add structured data and preferably accelerated mobile page version AMP. A lot needs to be done for effective search engine optimization, start now, use our free SEO tools and tests. Web Admin Media. Press Release Distribution. BWA Twitter Feed. Web Admin Blog. About Web Admin. Web Design News. Web Hosting News. Meta Tags and SEO. Top Online Directories. Domain Name Search.
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How can Keyword Density Checker improve your Content Strategy? Keywords are an essential part of a content strategy hence if you are optimising your content with keywords, you need to have a clear idea concerned with the keyword density. If the content is worth 1000 words then how many keywords should you include in that particular piece of content? When you are entirely aware of how many times a keyword can be included, should you start optimising your content with them. For instance, if you have written a 1000 word article, the average amount of times you can include keywords in your content shall be nearly 5-7. If their number increases then the crawler might consider your site for adopting keyword stuffing. And if the keywords are included just 3-4 times in a 1000 word article, then you will rank lower than other sites that have optimised for the same keyword. So, using a keyword density checker would only improve your content strategy, and you will end up ranking higher than you were previously. Try other free tools. Find DNS Records. Video to GIF Converter. Page Authority Checker. Website Screenshot Generator.
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mindbreaker / wordpress-keyword-density-checker. Pull requests 0. Could not load branches. Nothing to show. refName default View all branches. Could not load tags. Nothing to show. View all tags. wordpress-keyword-density-checker / keyword-density-checker.php / Jump to. KeywordDensityChecker Class KeywordDensityChecker Function get_plugin_configuration Function set_plugin_configuration Function init_settings Function is_author_not_admin Function is_contributor Function update_metadata Function post_keyword_density_checker Function post_keyword_density_checker_div Function keyword_density_checker Function additional_options_menu Function additional_options_keyword_density_checker Function admin_header Function admin_footer Function. Code navigation index up-to-date. Go to file. Go to file T. Go to line L. Go to definition R. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. 491 lines 472 sloc 29.8 KB. Open with Desktop. Plugin Name: SEO-Tool Keyword Density Checker. Description: The SEO-Tool Keyword Density Checker is generating the statistics part including the meta keywords suggestion of the a hrefhttp// Statistics Plugin/a only. Densities of the used keywords and 2-/3-word phrases will be calculated while writing the content. No meta informations will be embedded into your blogs pages. This is for those of you who use other SEO plugins but also want an overview about the keywords and phrases in content ndash; without the overhead of generating meta informations while serving the blogs pages.
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If you are just preparing to launch your app, analyzing the strength of your text metadata is essential. With Keyword Density tool, you can introduce all the textual elements of your app listing and see if there is a room for optimization. Select the tab Analyze text, introduce all text metadata of your app and click on Get Density.: During this analysis you can instantly see if your metadata fields allow more characters to be used for introducing extra keywords, confirm that you core search terms are used enough times and get some ideas about other keywords and combinations that you may find useful. Why is Search so important? Without any doubt, search is the main source of app discovery. According to Apple, 65% of app installs come from Search. In fact, the top positions in app discovery channels are shared by App Stores Search, Word of Mouth and General Web Browsing web search.

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