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A three word keyword phrase could be inserted 5 times to reach a maximum of 3% keyword density. But if the keyword phrase only had one word in it, Id have to use it a few more time to increase the density of the article, for example.: 15/5001 3% A one-word keyword would need to be inserted 15 times in an article to reach 3% keyword density. As I mentioned earlier, 3% is the max. So you can use this math to determine if your article is over-optimized as well. This article is truthfully about 950 words long, and Ive used the keyword 6 times in total, so my density is solidly in the middle at 1.8%. Although automated keyword density checkers seem easier, weve found them to be highly inconsistent with doing the calculations manually. But for those tools, check out the SEOPressor Wordpress plugin paid and the Keyword Density Checker from SEOBook free. Alternatively if you dont mind doing the math, the tool we use and recommend is Yoasts WordPress SEO plugin free now tells you how many time youve used a keyword in your article.
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If your website has a relatively low Domain Authority DA then you will likely have to go after less competitive words, but theres nothing wrong with this. Challenge yourself by going after keywords with a good volume of search queries, but at the same time, be realistic as to which words you are capable of ranking for. So, how often should be using your keywords in your content? You need to use your keywords sufficiently so that Google understands thats what the article is about, but at the same time, you dont want to be trying to force it in there at every opportunity. Putting your keyword in too often is whats known as keyword stuffing and this can have a negative impact on your sites ability to rank. Instead, aim to use your keywords as naturally as possible, putting them in when it feels right. Use a keyword density checker from your content writing service to make sure youre using your keywords the right amount, but dont stress out about it too much. Word density tools are there as a guide and if you need help with your content then you can always speak to a creative content agency.
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How to optimize website. Why Choose SEMrush Over Any Other SEO Tool. Check Keyword Density. Keyword Density plays a major role in the overall ranking of any webpage, article, or content online. Keyword/phrase density is referred to the percentage of the number of times a keyword or keyphrase is used in an article with respect to the total number of words used in the whole document. The right keyword density, text density, and other white hat factors add up to a good ranking in any search engine. Many bloggers, content creators, and writers often struggle to understand the whole concept of keyword density and end up stuffing keywords and using other unpopular practices to get ranked better. Sadly, Google notices malpractices and stuffing these days and is taking down such content that does not confine to their regulations.
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Understanding keyword density is one step to leveraging your websites on-site optimization. This is a Tutorial to Keyword Density. Keyword density deals with the ratio of your keywords in light of the total number of indexable words placed in your webpage. For example, you have 100 words article, then having a 1% keyword ratio means that you should have the presence of your keyword one time within that 100 word text.
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The plugin also takes into account the length of the focus keywords being targeted. If it is a long-winded phrase with three or four words then the keyword density checker will not expect to see this appear as often throughout the content as it would for a phrase which is only one or two words long. If you want to gain a deeper understanding of what the Yoast SEOs keyword density check involves and how you should be using targeted keywords throughout text you can learn more here. Where Should Your Keywords Be Appearing? Some keywords are more difficult than others to fit within sentences without sounding spammy and affecting the overall quality of the page. Fortunately, the number of times your keyword appears throughout content is not based solely upon the blocks of text, but also headings as well. Keywords can be used as a h2 tag which will go towards the keyword density percentage. However, it is unlikely you would be able to use your targeted keywords within a tag more than once without it being obvious you were keyword stuffing which could result in Google penalising the page.
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May 4, 2010 Cheshire, United Kingdom April 30, 2010, a leading SEO firm based in the North West of England, can enable users to ascertain the keyword density of any given webpage thanks to its free keyword density checker tool. have a wide range of free SEO tools for visitors to use whenever they wish. The free keyword density checker is especially useful for those looking to into the possibility of an SEO campaign with their website as it can take any existing web page entered into its search field, analyse all of its content, highlight its keywords and determine what percentage of them are in the attached copy.
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How to SEO your Website. SEO Cheat Sheets. How to SEO your website in 10 steps. Ultimate SEO Checklist. Anatomy of a Search Engine Optimized web page content. Choosing the best SEO company. Google Penguin Recovery. Google Panda Recovery. Google Manual Penalty Recovery. Unnatural inbound links impacts links penalty recovery. Unnatural inbound links penalty recovery. Unnatural links from your website penalty recovery. Cloaking and redirects penalty recovery. Keyword stuffing / hidden text penalty recovery. User generated spam penalty recovery. Thin content penalty recovery. Image mismatch penalty recovery. Hacked site penalty recovery. Spammy host penalty recovery. Spammy structured markup penalty recovery. Breadcrumbs Home SEO Resources SEO Glossary What does Keyword Density mean in SEO?
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With regards to SEO, there is clearly some value in tracking keyword density within content, if only to avoid accidentally crossing into the threshold where search engines will interpret it as keyword stuffing. Moreover, keeping track of keyword density can also assist when it comes to optimising the actual quality of written content on a web page.
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All that you need to do is enter the URL that you wish to have scoped out by our keyword density checker. The tool will then give you a word-by-word breakdown of everything mentioned on the page. At the same time, it will also give you a word count, and also the percentage. This is useful if you are trying to make a keyword more prominent, but it can be useful for reducing repetition. Use our tool just now, and you can easily find out how many words are being used across a single page on your website. Then, you know what and where to make your written adjustments. What is keyword density? The term keyword density relates to how many times a specific word is used in a piece of content.

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