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In this article, we mention our main keyword keyword density checker a total of 7 times, which is more than enough for an article with not even 400 words. That gives us a keyword density ratio of around 2%. If you have a 200 word article with 2% keyword density, that could be OK, as that means you mentioned the keyword 4 times. On the other hand, if you would have a 4000 word article with a 2% keyword density, that could be seen as spam, as you mentioned the keyword 80 times highly unnatural. Recommended guidelines for 1000 words article. Mention the main keywords 1-2 words at least 3-5 times, but more is recommended. Mentioned medium tail keywords 2-3 words 2 or 3 times. Mention long tail keywords 4 words 1 or 2 times. Don't' overdo it. Johannes on social media. Affiliate Marketing 6. Create A Website 1. Make Money Online 7.
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It ensures the minimum word length at the rate of limit of input you have decided and same is the case with the occurrence of the same words. One of its features is the keyword density checker which is very helpful to deduce your erratum and corrigendum. In blink of an eye you would be able to expose the phrase in which the most repetitive words and phrases according to the count along with compactness of the statements. List of top 10 Free Keyword Density tools. Small SEO Tools. Add Me Keyword Analyzer. SEO Chat Analyzer. Live Keyword Analysis. Web SEO Analytics. Another best feature is the keyword analyzer to count the density of the keywords used in the article.
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Take a modern approach to keyword analysis and content optimization with our state of the art topic research reports. Analyze your content for SEO with our text analytics tools. Word count and frequency checker. How is the word count calculated by this tool? How many words is the average sentence? When is a sentence too long? Whats the ideal word count for a blog post? Keyword Density Analysis Tool. What is keyword density? How is keyword density calculated? So what is a perfect keyword density when writing online? Using a keyword density analysis tool to optimize your content. If its so out of date, why did you create a free keyword density tool? How to perform an SEO keyword analysis in 2020 using entity and topic analysis.
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Internet Marketing Ninjas. A simple keyword density checker by Internet Marketing Ninjas enables checking keyword density on a given web page. You may explore your website, as well as your competitors pages to learn how often they use the same keywords as you do and search for other related words or phrases you could possibly use to improve your relevance. GeoRanker is a set of SERP tracking and analytics tools meant to help small businesses plan their SEO strategies. GeoRanker Keyword Density tool measures the frequency of a key term appearance on a web page as compared to the total number of words on that web page. The tool examines a given page and reports on two key metrics. Density stands for how many times a word or phrase was used on the page. Word Weights shows how well the page is optimized for this or that keyword or phrase. Price: starts at 99/mo. Sign up for a free trial here.
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If your website has a relatively low Domain Authority DA then you will likely have to go after less competitive words, but theres nothing wrong with this. Challenge yourself by going after keywords with a good volume of search queries, but at the same time, be realistic as to which words you are capable of ranking for. So, how often should be using your keywords in your content? You need to use your keywords sufficiently so that Google understands thats what the article is about, but at the same time, you dont want to be trying to force it in there at every opportunity. Putting your keyword in too often is whats known as keyword stuffing and this can have a negative impact on your sites ability to rank. Instead, aim to use your keywords as naturally as possible, putting them in when it feels right. Use a keyword density checker from your content writing service to make sure youre using your keywords the right amount, but dont stress out about it too much. Word density tools are there as a guide and if you need help with your content then you can always speak to a creative content agency.
What Is Keyword Density and How to Calculate It Properly?
What is keyword density? Keyword density is a percentage ratio between keywords and the total amount of words in a text. Simply put, if a phrase buy a car is one of the most frequently mentioned on your page, you have something to do with car sales rather than painting. There is classic and academic density. The latter designates the most frequently used collocations and phrases that are common all documents, like articles and prepositions. The primer is what we are going to talk about today. If a key request is mentioned enough times, a page is more relevant for this request. So does it mean that inserting more search requests in the piece allows achieving higher ranking positions? It doesnt actually work this way. Every searching system has a built-in checker system a web page word counter.
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There is no downloading involved nor registering and logging into an account and SmallSeoToolz keyword density checker is compatible with any device you have or browser you use. Now you will know how to find best keywords for website and apply it on your own. Whats Next After Using Word Density Analyzer. Now you have realized that knowing the keyword density formula is not enough. You need an analyzer or checker for that purpose. And after knowing the results from this free keyword tool, you may want to apply those to your sites content. Dont waste time to make those changes. Remember that your audience still are humans and your content, no matter how much you do for purposes of seo keyword tools, should be human readable.
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Potential options include.: SEO Review Tools Keyword Density Checker. This free tool is browser-based simply input your site URL or page text, then complete the I'm' not a robot" captcha to perform a keyword density check. While this tool doesn't' offer the in-depth analytics of other options on the list, it's' a great way to get an overview of current keyword density. SEOBook Keyword Density Analyzer. Similar to the tool above, the SEOBook Keyword Density Analyzer is free but it does require an account to use. Along with basic keyword density reports, this tool also lets you search for your target keyword in Google, pull data for five of the top-ranked pages using the same keyword, then analyze them to see how your keyword stacks up.

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