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Optimal Keyword Density, Keyword Stuffing Irrelevant Keywords.
Normally I will try and get related terms on the page and I might have the keywords I am focused on in just a few elements and on the page text. It is a myth to think that Google or Bing or any major modern search engine will order search engine results pages and reward with higher rankings a page that has a specific target keyword density percentage value. In simple terms this theory would mean that if you took TWO WEBSITE PAGES a page with a keyword density score of say, 2% would OUTRANK a page with a score of 1%. OR that there is actually a specific keyword percentage that if you score a BULLSEYE on, always results in HIGHER RANKINGS in Google. We know Google has hundreds of secret search engine ranking factors. A claim often made is that keyword density is one of these factors. Many SEO, including myself, dont think that is the case and there are many other areas of SEO that is far more important than keyword density to focus your efforts on. Search engines have indeed moved on from keyword stuffing as a positive ranking factor. How To Calculate Keyword Density?
What does Keyword Density mean in SEO? How to SEO.
Anatomy of a Search Engine Optimized web page content. Choosing the best SEO company. Google Penguin Recovery. Google Panda Recovery. Google Manual Penalty Recovery. Unnatural inbound links impacts links penalty recovery. Unnatural inbound links penalty recovery. Unnatural links from your website penalty recovery. Cloaking and redirects penalty recovery. Keyword stuffing / hidden text penalty recovery. User generated spam penalty recovery. Thin content penalty recovery. Image mismatch penalty recovery. Hacked site penalty recovery. Spammy host penalty recovery. Spammy structured markup penalty recovery. Breadcrumbs Home SEO Resources SEO Glossary What does Keyword Density mean in SEO? Check out my Really, Totally Ultimate SEO Checklist it's' huuuuuuuuuuuuuge! What does Keyword Density mean in SEO? This is a hotly debated concept in the world of SEO. The general idea is that a page on the internet about cars" should contain the word cars" fairly often if search engines are to believe it is about cars. The keyword density calculation is a percentage of how many times that word appears on the page. So for example if a page contains 100 words and the word cars" is mentioned 6 times then the keyword density for cars" on that page is 6%.
SEO: Keyword Density.
There are many free tools to do this online. One such tool is To use their simple site you simply copy your text and paste it into their site. They then give you a break down of how many words are in your text, how many characters, sentences, paragraphs and average sentence length. They also provide a nice keyword density list, showing you the top 10 words used in your article. They also have a mobile app which is 0.99 and is handy if you are blogging on the go. You can also write directly in the app and utilize dictation if your phone supports it. Here is a breakdown of this post.: Notice that Keyword and Keywords are listed separately and that this sentence did not exist when the screenshot was taken. Remember that search engine optimization is an ever changing art form and includes many aspects beyond the frequency of keywords. Be sure to check out some of our other posts on SEO. Recent Blog Posts. Top of Funnel: Best Marketing Practices to Get Awareness Stage Leads.
SEO Keyword Ratio Guide: How To Not Kill Your SEO.
They prove to Google that your content is actually covering the topic you say you're' covering e.g, an article about SEO would likely contain proof terms like search, Google and rankings. These may also include variations and synonyms of your primary keyword. Relevant terms: These are words and phrases that are related to the main topic of the page. These typically include relevant sub-topics related to your main theme e.g, an article about cats might contain relevant terms like kitten, calico, collar, etc. They signal to Google that your content is holistic, covering multiple angles of your topic. For more guidance on using these terms, check out Jayson Demer's' post, How To Find Relevant and Proof Terms For Your Content. I" really want an optimal keyword density. Can you help me out." I hope this post has made it clear that there is no precise keyword density formula you should be aiming for. However, I know some writers and marketers also appreciate having a general idea of how many keywords is too" many" Considering that keyword stuffing may be punishable by a manual action, I can understand this desire.
Keyword Density vs LSI in SEO DevriX.
This formula does not imply that you should follow an ideal keyword density percentage in your web copy. But, what you need to be sure of is that your copy is mindfully written and relevant to your target customers. There are also many calculators online as well as WordPress plugins for your website that can help you calculate the optimal density. But, your best bet is to always place your main keyword in the following areas of your webpage.: In the page permalink. H1 and H2 tags. The meta title tag. At the start of the article. End of the article. Using the target keyword as anchor text. Whatever you do with your keyword strategy, remember that youre writing for actual human beings. Google cant be fooled, especially after Panda emerged and changed the entire SEO landscape. Related: SEO For Startups: Why Startups Need Search Engine Optimization. What Is Latent Semantic Indexing LSI?
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PPC Paid Search. Software App Development. Start Your Project. Generate online leads and digital sales with our integrated services. PPC Paid Search. We custom build to deliver results and sales. Software App Development. START YOUR PROJECT. Digital Marketing Resources. Other Digital Resources. Keyword Density Checker SEO. Keyword Density SEO. Keyword density sometimes referred to as keyword frequency' is an important SEO factor for on page optimisation, perhaps the second most important on page optimisation factor after the page title. You must assign a keyword to a page on your site and make sure the bots know that this page concerns this assigned keyword string and will you please rank it. When the page starts to rank, users will share it if the content is good, the page will receive more backlinks, more traffic and going forward the search position for that page will increase. So, how frequent should the page keyword be repeated, what percentage of the article? Keyword Density SEO Best Practice.
Keyword Density Is the Worst Metric for SEO.
How you use keywords contextually, where you place them on a page, and how you use natural variations are all more important for SEO than pure density. If youre going to focus on just one or two elements of on-page optimization, the best alternatives to keyword density are.:
How Much Do Keywords Still Matter?
Fortunes were literally made overnight because of the way Google SEO worked, and the formula couldnt have been simpler.: Identify a neglected niche using keyword research. Create a microsite for that niche with HIGH keyword density. Use that site to drive traffic towards an ebook the money-maker.
Free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool.
Please login to use this tool. If you do not yet have a an account, you can register one for free in 30 seconds here. Calculate Ideal Keyword Density Percentage for SEO. What is The Competition Doing? Whenever you search for something in Google you only see what ranks. You don't' see the hundreds or thousands of pages that have been filtered for pushing too hard. If you are in the dark on what density levels are reasonable, consider patterning your approach after what is working right now. search for your target keyword in Google. grab 5 of the top ranked pages from the search results. analyze each of them in a separate tab using this tool. Keep in mind that some highly trusted brands rank more based on their brand strength than the on-page content, thus if you are creating content for a newer less-trusted website you would likely be better off putting more weight on results from smaller lesser known websites which still managed to rank well in Google.

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