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Also, if a page looks like it is aligned too perfectly with a topic i.e, overly-focused so as to have an abnormally high keyword density, then that page may get a lower relevancy score than a page with a lower keyword density and more natural page copy.
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Where to find them? Lets get back to the file we got at step 4 and examine the Description Google column. Do you see the words wrapped in b/b tags? They are the highlights we need. Ideally, use these words in your text and in the meta description. Creating the future copy structure. Now, its time to write your copy. Often, the keywords you gathered may hint at the future copy structure. Try asking questions using your keywords and see how they form a possible article plan. Heres what my article plan may look like.: What is keyword density. What is a keyword density calculation formula. How important keyword density is for SEO and for ranking in Google. How to check the density of my keywords.
Achieve Optimal Keyword Density The Way Google Wants It.
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Register for the Ryte Newsletter. Get the latest SEO and website quality news! Exclusive content and Ryte news delivered to your inbox, every month. Keyword density is the value that indicates how often a keyword is found in a text or in a document. It is calculated from the frequency of the term being examined and the total number of words see TF IDF Term here refers to keywords that can also consist of several words word combinations. A text of 100 words in which the searched term occurs four times has a keyword density of four percent. 1 Keyword density and search engines. 2 The ideal keyword density.
The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM.
Enter any keyword phrase and this tool will generate a huge list of related keywords, along with search volume, relevance to your original term, level of organic and paid competition, and a keyword score indicating the best phrases to optimize on. You can also see related popular topics, filter by user intent, and filter results by patterns the most common patterns in the suggested keywords, such as how, when, best, or cheap. Pricing: $12/$24/$59 per month. Northcutt Free SEO Tools. Google Review Count: 107. Northcutt offers seven free keyword tools for functions including checking keyword density, extracting keywords used on a competitors website, suggesting new keywords, and tracking rankings.
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What Is Keyword Density and How Do You Calculate It?
What are the Best Keyword Density Tools? You can find several keyword density tools online that promise to give you results and get your content ranking again. But not all live up to their promises. Here are two of the best keyword density tools the internet has to offer.: BiQs Content Intelligence. If youre looking for a keyword density tool that shows you the number of times your targeted keyword repeats in your content, BiQs Content Intelligence is it. With Content Intelligence, you can naturally include keywords in your content, thereby increasing its relevance for that particular term without drawing the wrong kind of attention from Google. BiQs Content Intelligence enables you to achieve semantic content excellence for higher rankings and is centered on boosting your sites visibility. This tool also provides you with your content word count and semantic density alongside keyword density.
Rapid SEO Tool - an easy to use SEO software.
You don't' even have to be an SEO professional. No monthly fees. Free trial Windows. One-time fee of just € 99 95. Rapid SEO Tool is the first full-scale side-by-side SEO software that will compare your SEO efforts against your competitors and suggest how to overtake them. Unlike other search engine optimization tools and keyword density analyzers, Rapid SEO Tool is not about keyword stuffing, but rather about comparison. New to SEO? Get started within minutes. Rapid SEO Tool will get you started really quickly and easily. Get more visitors with easy SEO. Easily fix your web page and check how it climbs up the search results. Become an SEO expert quickly. Rapid SEO Tool does not hide secrets, it teaches you how to do SEO. Unique side-by-side SEO comparer. Compare your website against competition and generate side-by-side reports. Perform detailed quality check and keyword analysis with a single click. Extend your existing toolset. Keep your old SEO software, add Rapid SEO Tool for that extra benefit. Generate clear instructions on improving your search engine positions.
Keyword Density Analysis Tools and Resources.
For domain name research, visit my Domain Research Resources page which provides domain typo suggestions and domain name analyzer tools. Keyword Density Analysis Tools and Resources. Return to Search Engine Optimization Resources Home. Check out the Advanced Keyword Density Analyzer tool here at provides a Page Keywords Analyzer. Keyword Density by SEOChat lets you measure keyword density for one, two or three-word key terms. Keyword Cloud is a visual representation of keywords used on a website. The Keyword Extractor and Analyzer KEA by takes a text or a web page URL as input. The keywords in the text or web page are then extracted. The list of keywords can be checked by you and submitted for ranking checks in the major search engines Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Keyword Density Analyzer by Webjectives is a very basic tool; you must provide keywords, there are no keyword suggestions. It allows checks for partial and case-sensitive matches. Keyword Density Analyzer Tool by Article Underground is pretty detailed and also checks other on-page factors. SEO Book Keyword Density Analyzer is a tool by Aaron Wall, author of SEO Book.

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