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If you have a CMS website that doesnt have a mod rewrite for URLs, an easy option to rewrite the php string to an SEO friendly one is to use webconfs htaccess redirect tool. You can find it at. Ok, so of all the tool options, one I always look for is a good keyword density checker. This is important since a sites targeted keywords need to be in evidence on the page, metatags, titles, etc. That being said, the keyword density of a page is not as important as it once was in SEO page titles, heading tags, and links are weighted more but it still matters. Ive included a couple of good keyword density checkers next, but again, be aware that a checker of just a page wont provide the same results as one that checks a page and metatags. SEOBook Keyword Density Analyzer Tool. SEOCentro Keyword Density Tool. Ranks.nl Keyword Density and Prominence Analyzer. The next thing I suggest checking is your websites online ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
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Brian Dean says.: Raven Tools is great, but I havent used it for keyword research. Haley Perry says.: Great stuff Brian! Any recommendations on prioritizing different iterations of keywords within broader keyword themes? Keyword difficulty, search volume etc. Brian Dean says.: Really good question, Haley. Id check out this guide that walks you through some of the steps to figuring out the best keywords on a list: http//www.backlinko.com/keyword-research.: Brian, thank you for all of these informative guides! I started out as a digital marketing intern and everything that I learned from your site has helped me land a job as a marketing specialist. Im truly grateful and enjoy everything that you published so far. If you have a chance, Ive started using this tool called SEOClarity, I was wondering whats your take on it? Have you used it before or know anyone that has? Brian Dean says.: Youre welcome, Nathalie. I actually tried to review SEOClarity a few years ago for my big SEO tools post: https//backlinko.com/seo-tools.:
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Do you check the density of your articles on a regular basis? Why or why not? 13 Examples of Professional Email Subject Lines. The 14 Most Clickable Social Media Headlines. Subject Line Spam Trigger Words. Article tags: ad, blog, content, content marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, good keyword, keyword density checker, keyword research, landing page, magazine, media, online publishing, open source software, portal, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, social media, text ad, white paper, wordpress plugin. February 18, 2015. Im developing a fiction short story site that I plan to grow to a magazine likely using the Mequoda Method. Keywords are my bugbear because the stories are already written so my question is, how do I add those all important keywords? My best solution so far is a strong meta description and a subtitle with keywords titles are also pre-set. Im sure there are other sites/magazines that curate content in a similar manner to what Im doing and therefore have less control over body content keyword density. Whatre the options in this restricted case for keyword management?
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Read more details. Free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool SEO Book Free tool to help you find the most common words and phrases on a page. ToCloud A Word Cloud is a visual representation of some text as a bunch of words based on a weight associated to each word. Typically, the frequency keyword density of the Text analysis, wordcount, keyword density analyzer Textalyser Welcome to the online text analysis tool, the detailed statistics of your text, perfect for translators quoting, for webmasters ranking or for normal Keyword Density Checker Whats My SERP Our keyword density checker quickly checks the keyword density on any page and highlights the keywords you are focused on.
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This incidence rate is called keyword density, and tools like SEO Books Keyword Density Checker, will show you the most common phrases you are using within a given webpage and their density as a percentage. Google can now recognise synonyms and conjugations of verbs, so including all of the different ways of saying what you do is no longer required.
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Book a demo. Home / Dictionary / Keyword density. What is keyword phrase density and why is it so important to your SEO? In this article, I will try to answer these questions. In addition, well talk about what you can do to improve the keyword density of your content so you get a green ball when you check it out.
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UPDATE: Another great tool I discovered is the Free Keyword Density Analyzer by SEO Book. Just copy and paste your text into the Plain text box, unselect the options for Include Meta tag Keywords and Include Meta tag Description. Hit Submit to see the results. Important Keyword Analysis Considerations.
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Run the report in SEO Book to export CSVs. Use the overall daily estimates for measure potential traffic across the entire web.: Wordpot is another source of keywords you may not have thought of. It also shows definitions, synonyms, related words and associated words. YouTube Keyword Tools. Of course if youre doing optimization for YouTube youll be interested in the search volume but if not, this is still a fantastic tool very generating more keyword ideas. Go to the bottom, click add all 100 and then click export to CSV or the file of your choice. Also lets say you want to rank in youtube for search marketing. Search for the term search marketing in YouTube. Find the top ranking video.
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The only major downside to using Wincher is that its unable to track your site for Bing and Yahoo. Small SEO Tools. Small SEO Tools is another commendable online search engine optimization tool available free of charge. Rather than just a keyword rank checker, its a full suite of easy to use SEO tools. Small SEO Tools include a plagiarism checker, article rewriter, keyword ranker, grammar checker, image compression tool, spell checker, backlink checker, backlink maker, keyword density checker, and so much more. All of the tools are indexed on the right side of their site for easy access, much like a keyword ranking softwares dashboard. The keyword rank checker is very similar to SERPs: you provide a URL, select your search engine there are several Google options available, and up to ten keywords at a time. You can also choose the range of pages you want to check, bracketed in groups of ten up to forty, before completing a Captcha and selecting Check Position. Results can take a few minutes depending on how many keywords you use and pages you want to be checked, and are laid out like this.:

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