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Keyword Density: 1 Myth in SEO Truth Behind Keywords.
Over 75% of the top-20 pages have keywords in their body and over 60% have them in their title. The findings also suggest that Google gives a higher score to the relevancy of highly searched terms, rather than a page or articles density of keywords. Aside from using only the target keyword, you can also expand it and include semantic words to form long-tail keywords. It will help to bring more relevant traffic to your website, as illustrated in a keyword analysis by Search Engine Watch.: The chart above shows how long-tail keywords can give a higher click-through-rate CTR and be more profitable, while high-volume keywords bring in more clicks and better page rankings. Regular keyword research and analysis using SEO tools like Keyword Tool will help you find opportunities for trending, high-volume keywords.
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Keyword Topic Density Tool. Paste the text from a website or article below to analyse the common keyword topics.: Three Word Phrases. Four Word Phrases. Five Word Phrases. Add keywords on seperate lines below that you don't' want to be included in the analysis above.:
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Our Keyword Density Checker is a free SEO tool which enables you to run a keyword analysis of an existing page on your website. Just enter the full Page URL address with http / https and our tool will analyze the density of your text just as a search engine would do.
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please enter the domain in the format: SEO Tool 3 Keyword Density Checker. This free keyword density tool allows you to check the keyword density of your website pages online. You can see the number of times that your keywords or keyphrases appear in the page title, the body source code, the visible text of the body, code of the whole page, the text from the whole page and a percentage of the keyword density in the body text.
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Developed by the very reputed Dev team of Small SEO Tools, this tool was made to identify unnecessary keyword stuffing. Many writers and content creators initially start off by stuffing a lot of keywords/phrases unnecessarily and end up getting fined or penalized. This tool tells writers exactly how much-overstuffed words are there and gives tips on improving their content. Keyword Density Checker. The Keyword Density Checker is another standard tool that does an outstanding job when it comes to keyword density checking. Keyword density checker is widely used across the world and has a user base for around 51717, people all around the globe. This tool has two main features to check any content for keyword analysis.
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Go for natural text that will make sense for a reader, a real human being, to read the content. Use your keywords naturally throughout the text, and I think you'll' see better results than incorporating a keyword wherever possible to increase keyword density levels.
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offered by Easy to use seo keyword density tool that shows the most frequently used words on the current page. Easy to use search engine optimization SEO tool that helps you check the keyword density and word count of any web page. Features: List of all words used on a page Note: stop" words" are removed form analysis Count of how many times each word appears on the page Percentage breakdown of how many times that word appears relative to the total number of words used on the page. In most cases it's' best for SEO to keep each keyword used to under 3% of the total word count. Google and other search engines have started penalizing excessive and unnatural use of keywords to avoid keyword stuffing and other practices that encourage poor content. This free tool is brought to you by:
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In simpler SEO terms, this means it is now beneficial to create content that covers a topic as thoroughly as possible. But often this can also call for the risk of excess irrelevant content that can dilute your topic focus, and thats why we recommend you to use BiQs Content Intelligence. It is the only tool around that is powered by AI to analyze your contents WordVector and compare them to the Top 10 ranking results to tell if your content is highly relevant. And its easy to use, just paste your content URL and type in your target keyword, and the tool will analyze your whole content and let you know which paragraphs you need to make the edits. At the same time, you can also be aware of your tone of conversation and ease of readability which is important in crafting the best content. The best part is, BiQ offers free tier access for new signups, so you can try it out and explore! Keyword density has been retired as a ranking factor but its still a good indicator to make sure youre not keyword stuffing your content to death.

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