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What is the optimal keyword density percentage to use in a blog?
Keywords are ideas and topics, typically a particular word or phrase, that define what your content is about. Keywords are an important SEO element because they are how search engines scan and index your site and they help determine how your webpage ranks in response to a query by a searcher. Choose a primary keyword or keyphrase that best captures the essence of what your webpage or blog covers. These primary keywords can often be very competitve to rank for, so it is helpful to also have secondary keywords. Secondary keywords are more broad and are often a combination of one or more keyword s. Per Hubspot: Use your primary keyword a few times throughout the pages content. Dont overthink keyword density or placement; you should mention them naturally. Try to bold or underline the keyword at least once. This has an effect on how relevant the keyword is to the page. Also mention the secondary keywords when you can. There is no ideal or exact percentage for better ranking. I aim for 1-3% of keyword density along with semantic keywords" Google suggests to write natural articles.
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Keyword stuffing is defined as adding keywords that are irrelevant to the page, or user experience in an attempt to gain additional rank. Having the right keyword density, or ratio of keywords to content is one of the most important factors in an effective onpage SEO strategy.
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Click Continue to get your results. Check the density of keywords and phrases with our Keyword Density Checker. This tool breaks down all the major keywords and phrases from any website, organized by one-word, two-word, and three-word keyphrases. Each keyword is analyzed for how often it occurs on the page and is assigned a density rating to show its prominence. What is Keyword Density? Keyword density indicates how often a particular keyword appears on the page of a website. A high keyword density means that the phrase is used very frequently when compared to the total amount of content on the page. SEO relies on a healthy balance of keyword density. Using a particular keyword or phrase too many times can be overly spammy, but using it too few times can obscure it's' important in relation to the context of the page.
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I also found that mentioning a target keyword in a 500-word copy more than 15 times is flagged by Moz as stuffing. I just use these as a rough guide. When I'm' feeling particularly worried that some keywords have been mentioned too much, I use a free keyword density analyser to see how many times they appeared and reduce if necessary especially if the copy doesn't' read too well because of too much repetitiveness.
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GRKda Keyword Density Analyzer. By GRSoftware Free to try. GRKda runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/98/95 and assist you in achieving high relevancy scores for your Web Pages in regards to the various search engines by allowing you to analyze and duplicate the Keyword Density mix of the top scoring pages, all with just a few easy clicks of the mouse.
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Aww, cmon; thats an easy one Quality Content each and every day! I mentioned earlier that keyword density is not that great of a ranking factor these days. The real SEO power of your website is its ability to get your visitors enjoying and linking to your content.
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There are free keyword density analyzer tools available online but it would be better to spend a little money and get a quality tool to make the correct choices. Keyword density analyzers are very useful because they will give you a list of the most searched keywords in different niches.

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