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seo book keyword density tool
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Keyword Valuation Tools. Both Bing Adwords offer CPC estimates in their ad platforms, though as mentioned above, Google's' data is quite terrible as they aim to obfuscate data to make SEO harder. If you are a large AdWords advertiser they may show somewhat more accurate data, but they still tend to merge some words together do other shifts as their goal is to get advertisers to spend broadly aggressively. many competitive research tools like SemRush, SpyFu, SearchMetrics KeywordSpy offer similar databases. Each service has its own strengths and weaknesses database depth, regional coverage, data exportability, etc. Installable Keyword Databases / Desktop Software. These tools offer downloadable databases that you can install on your computer. One issue with these types of databases is they tend to have a bit of noise in them are a huge download. But the nice thing is there is no recurring fee for the data after you buy it though they may charge for updates. More Abstract Keyword Sources. Keyword Density Analysis Tool finds common words and phrases on your site.

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